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Sideblocks is a modern educational app that is designed to be fun and engaging while helping the player understand various mathematical concepts. Targeted towards children the games aim to make screen time productive amongst young ones.


Why Choose SideBlocks?


SideBlocks is the New Way to do Math.

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Learn Math Easy

In SideBlocks players make and create their own path in a random dynamic playing field vs memorizing a formula or a pattern.


Classic Patterns

Use traditional visuals that you are familiar with.


Video Tutorials

Gain access to resources on how to play and interact with the app.


Fun and Interactive

The game model lets you add points by counting the sides on each shape.

Why Choose Sideblocks?

Sideblocks is an intelligently compiled gaming app to help young and old learn mathematical concepts that are difficult to grasp. The app is aimed at teaching strategy at a young age and is excellent to fill the gaps during the day where you can pass the time productively.

Not your Average Gaming App

The learning app is far from your textbook tools. It is designed as a game through and through with rewards every time you win.

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    Learning through Visuals

    It is easier to learn new concepts through visuals

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    Excellent for Teaching Environments

    Can be used as a homeschool tool and a classroom resource.

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    Critical Thinking and Pattern Recognition

    LearnedApp introduces and builds on your problem-solving skills

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The app is compatible with both iOS and Android.
Sideblocks by LearnEDApp is for anyone who likes puzzles and wants to brush up on their mathematical concepts without making it boring.
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